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Hotwire And Joe Amabile Launch The Internet's Quickest Dating Challenge: Love at Last Minute
The last-minute travel app and reality show heartthrob want to know who has what it takes to last long past a last minute trip --with a grand prize at stake

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Let's face it, a trip can say a lot… or a little about where a relationship is going. In a recent survey, travel app Hotwire found that 74% of Americans believe travel is one of life's best relationship compatibility tests. The travel experts at Hotwire tend to agree; after all, wouldn't you want to know if your partner is one of those people who gets to the airport four hours early, or always loses their hotel room card? With domestic travel on the rise and cuffing season officially underway, it's no wonder nearly half (42%) of millennials are motivated to travel ASAP to see if that virtual dating-app spark can turn into a long-lasting, IRL flame.

That's why Hotwire and reality show heartthrob/certified hopeless romantic Joe Amabile are on a nationwide search for newly-minted couples ready to put their relationship to the test. The internet's quickest dating challenge, Love at Last Minute, sets out to see which relationship(s) have the potential to last long after their last-minute, "Quickie" trip with Hotwire, with the opportunity to win the makings of a dream baecation at stake.

From today through November 5, new couples who think that they have what it takes can visit and shoot their shot at being one of three new lovebird pairs sent on an all-expenses-paid trip to one of Hotwire's coveted top 40 cities for a Quickie. In typical Hotwire Hot Rate fashion, the couples will only find out where they're going after being selected.

Here's how it works:

  1. Couples can enter by uploading a travel Q&A video and answering a few quick questions about their relationship on
  2. Joe Amabile will put his quick-connection experience to work and select three (3) couples he thinks have what it takes to go the distance
  3. Those lucky couples will embark on a last-minute Quickie itinerary curated by Joe himself

Once their Quickies are complete - the contest is far from over. Any (or all) of the couples that can demonstrate that they are still together post-Quickie trip will be rewarded with $10,000 they can use toward a fancy Valentine's Day baecation, compliments of Hotwire

It's no secret that Hotwire prides itself on being experts of a good Quickie — a quick, last minute 2-3 night getaway, that is! The travel app championed the three-time annual, award-winning list of America's Best Cities for a Quickie. The 2021 index—which was unveiled earlier this month—analyzed 10,000 data points to uncover the best cities for travelers looking to level up their upcoming travel to make up for trips lost to 2020. That means these cities offer more at every turn:  more 4 and 5-star options, swankier amenities, and more experiences at the destination, all available within the Hotwire app.

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